Frequently Asked Questions



01. How can I determine the authenticity of my club(s)?


To determine the authenticity of your club(s), you can take it to an authorized Srixon / Cleveland Golf dealer and request an assessment.


02.Where is the serial number listed on my Cleveland club?


For new products, the serial number will be listed on the hosel of every club. On all iron sets made after 2009, the serial number will only be listed on the 6 or 7 iron.


03. If I provide a Serial number for my Cleveland club, can you verify authenticity?


We are unable to verify authenticity by serial number alone. If you are in doubt of the authenticity of your Cleveland Golf clubs (s) , you can take it to an authorized Srixon/Cleveland Golf dealer and request an assessment.





01. I am looking for an older Cleveland product, how do I know if you are still making it?

Our products are typically in line for a maximum of two years. Beyond that, some would only be available for purchase on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to check if we still have clubs or components to fill your need. Certain Internet retailers have new versions of our clubs.

02. I am looking for the specs for my older Cleveland Club; where can I find this information?

Contact us, via email, with your inquiry and we can provide the information you are looking for.

03. How do I clean my clubs?

Wipe down the golf club with a wet towel after every shot. To clean the grooves, use a nylon brush, and never use a steel brush. You can use mild soap and water when needed.  Suggest adding that some industrial cleaning solutions can break down the adhesive that hold cosmetic badging in place




01. Where can I find a replacement head cover for my Cleveland Golf club?

We offer head covers for our current product line in our online store. If the head cover you are looking for is not available there, please contact our Customer Service department at (877) 202-4653, or via email, at contact us, with your inquiry and we can see if that item is available at that given time.

02. Where do I get information on Corporate or ASI Sales?

Please contact Customer service for your local Territory Managers contact information.

03. I am a consumer; am I able to purchase directly from Cleveland Golf over the phone?

Unfortunately, we do not allow consumers to purchase directly over the phone. To purchase directly from us, you would have to visit Otherwise, you are able to purchase products through any of our authorized retailers. 

04. I have lost a club in my Cleveland Golf iron set, where am I able to find a replacement?

We keep inventory for up to two years after the date of release. If it is an older product, please call our Customer Service department at (877) 202-4653, or via email, and they are able to guide you towards authorized resellers who may have the club you are looking for.

05. What is the status of order?

For information on your order, please send your inquiry to the customer service and we will respond within 1-2 business day.

06. How will the charge show up on my credit card?

The charge for your order appears on your credit card as: "Cleveland Golf"

07. Do you charge Sales Tax?

Yes, Cleveland Golf is required to charge applicable sales tax on purchases made on Sales tax is calculated based on the province and local taxes of the shipping address you provide during checkout.




01. I have a broken component on my Cleveland Golf club. How can I get this fixed?

To see if the broken club will be covered under our manufacturer's warranty, you will have to take the club to an authorized dealer and have them set up a repair authorization with us. The club would then have to be shipped to our location where it will be inspected by our warranty/repairs department. They will assess the damage and let the dealer know whether or not it will be covered under our warranty policy.

02. I have an older Cleveland Golf club that broke. How do I know if this would be covered under [warranty]?

Cleveland Golf warrants its golf club products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of first retail sale. This warranty does not apply to wear or damage from abnormal use, misuse, abuse, neglect or accident, or to products which have been repaired or modified other than by Cleveland Golf. Cleveland Golf does not warrant damage to its products caused by third parties. A club may be covered if it has undergone normal modification as in re-shafting and or re-griping. It will be at Cleveland Golf's discretion to determine if such modification has caused any damage. At Cleveland Golf's option and as the buyer's sole remedy, defective products covered by this limited warranty will be either repaired or replaced at no charge to the buyer. Such defective products must be returned to the authorized Cleveland Golf dealer from which such products were purchased. End user customers may contact Cleveland Golf directly regarding any problems relating to warranty service. All buyers or users are requested to return their warranty registration cards. CLEVELAND GOLF DISCLAIMS ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.